3DM specializes in creating, integrating, and maintaining your vessel's digital twin.
We work closely with you to set the goals of your digital twin.  This ensures the hardware and software needed to achieve your point cloud are specific to your requirements.  

With our team’s extensive experience in the industry, you can trust that your scans will be precise and as accurate as needed. 
Providing turnkey digital twin management services 3DM, we ensure your digital twin integrity.  Once the scan is captured, it is rendered to point cloud and edited with metadata to create the digital twin.
With a validated digital twin securely stored, 3DM provides authorized and monitored stakeholder access to vessel locations and in converted file formats needed.
When changes occur onboard 3DM manages the capture, validation, intelligence adding, and integration process of the new scans into your digital twin, while archiving the old version for easy future access. You can be confident your digital twin data is current, precise, and ready to access anywhere and anytime.
The security of your data at rest and in motion is imperative, and it is a top priority at 3DM.  We use industry-leading industrial data security service providers to ensure we always adhere to a higher set of operating standards than other information domains. 
You can be confident that we will ensure your data is secure but easily accessible to authorized users.

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